If you asked Kalon Devonta Miller what he felt the key to success was, he’d probably tell you, "I never believed in kissing ass, I've always been the type to take another man job and put myself in the door. Be THE man not the middleman nor the ass kisser, and life will work in your favor.”

This philosophy morphed Kalon Miller into who we now know as KD The Pharaoh. His reign began on March 2nd 1992, when he came into the world, ready to takeover. Hailing from the city of purple sprite, the young pharaoh got in touch with his musical side at a young age. It wasn’t long before his mother Martisha realized that her son had a God-sent talent and encouraged him to follow his passion. By 1995, at the tender age of 3, young KD was already a star in the making.

While most kids resented the fact that their father wasn’t active in their life, KD chose to focus on the bigger picture. He understood why his father, Orobosas “Timmark” Uwaifo, couldn’t be around all the time so he made the best of the times they did have together. With his father being a well know Nigerian entrepreneur, KD knew that being successful was his only option. Like father, like son, KD took control and decided that he would create his own name and his own brand.

Like most teens, the Pharaoh fell in love with the fast life; the only difference is, he didn’t blow his money on frivolous things. He was smart enough to invest in himself and his career. Being both street smart and business savvy allowed KD to make money off his dreams and afforded him the opportunity to take care of his mother, who sacrificed so much for him.

KD The Pharaoh began his journey as an underground recording emcee in early 2008. He cites some of his biggest influences as being: Biggie Smalls, “The Notorious B.I.G”, 2pac, Lil Wayne, Z-ro, Jay-Z, and UGK. He released his first recording single "Step N My Square" on MySpace and received thousands of plays. The massive response to this track gave KD even more confidence to continue following his dreams. Over the years as he diligently worked on perfecting his craft, he dropped numerous hot singles to keep his buzz going. Known for his pure lyrical content and creativity, KD decided he was ready for the big leagues.

On June 1, 2016, he finally announced he working on his first debut Mixtape "All Men Down One Man Up.” He would spend over a year working, grinding, and making sure his first mixtape was perfect, and when he finally released it on April 7th 2017, he proved it was well worth the wait.

This is only the beginning for KD The Pharaoh; the music world better watch out because the young man from Houston, Texas is coming for top spot and he plans on killing everything on this way there. His style, his delivery, and his energy proves that he was one of the deadliest to ever touch the mic, hence the mask that he’s known for wearing. Call the clean-up crew; looks like there will be a massacre.